Land Preservation

Over the past decade, the Piedmont Triad Regional Council conducted a series of public meetings in conjunction with their work on Alamance County’s revision of its Land Use Plan.  The results of those public meetings left little room for doubt as to the public’s desire for farmland and open space preservation.  Surveys taken at the meetings revealed that 95 percent of residents desired less or the same amount of residential development in the future.  Similarly, 91 percent desired more protection for farmland and 88 percent wished for more protection for open spaces.

The conservation efforts spearheaded by the Haw River Trail preserve the farmland and open space local residents value so highly.  Additionally, these efforts are completely voluntary, involving only those landowners who wish to participate.

As our population continues to grow in the coming decades, preserving our rural landscapes can no longer be left to the hands of fate.  Help us take an active role in protecting the land and the character of our region by conserving your property and encouraging others to do so.