Hours & Rules


November – March: 8am-6pm
April: 8am-8pm
May – August: 8am-9pm
September – October: 8am-8pm

Gate accesses are locked at closing time. Please do not leave your vehicle parked at a paddle access or trailhead after the posted closing time.


The following actions are prohibited at all Haw River Trail facilities:

  • Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco use
  • Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Riding of bikes or horses on trails
  • Setting fires outside of fire rings or grills
  • Use of motor vehicles outside of parking area
  • Littering or defacing of County property
  • Possession of weapons in violation of state law
  • Solicitation or advertising of any kind
  • Failure to have pets on a leash
  • Fishing from boat launch area
  • Removal of plants or other natural materials
  • Camping outside of designated areas

Safety on the Water

Although the Haw River is a wonderful river to paddle under normal conditions, the river is subject to extreme changes in water level and flow amounts during periods of rain or drought. During high water events, the Haw River is extremely dangerous.

Immediately prior to your trip:
Check the USGS river gauge for the section of river you are paddling (click here for an explanation of river gauge). Rough guidelines for minimum and maximum water levels are available in the river section descriptions. However, these levels are not one-size-fits-all. Use your judgement before leaving- if the river feels too dangerous for you, postpone your trip.

Real-time water level information can be found at the USGS gauge website (links below):
Gauges are located at the following sites:

If you encounter trouble on the water, dial 911 and report the most recently passed mile marker to the operator.