Hours & Rules


November – March: 8am-6pm
April: 8am-8pm
May – August: 8am-9pm
September – October: 8am-8pm

Gate accesses are locked at closing time. Please do not leave your vehicle parked at a trailhead after the posted closing time.


The following actions are prohibited at all Haw River Trail facilities:

  • Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco use
  • Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Riding of bikes or horses on trails
  • Setting fires outside of fire rings or grills
  • Use of motor vehicles outside of parking area
  • Littering or defacing of County property
  • Possession of weapons in violation of state law
  • Solicitation or advertising of any kind
  • Failure to have pets on a leash
  • Fishing from boat launch area
  • Removal of plants or other natural materials
  • Camping outside of designated areas

Leave No Trace

Please practice Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics on the Trail:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Stick to the trails
  • Bag your trash
  • Leave what you find
  • Be careful with fire
  • Keep wildlife wild
  • Respect other visitors

Trail Blazes

Every section of trail along the Haw River Trail in Alamance County is blazed to ensure the safety of hikers on the trail. Haw River Trail blazes are diamond-shaped and blue with white in color, with the HRT logo in the center. Each blaze is marked with a four digit code that allows emergency responders to find the precise location of hikers in the event of an emergency. Mountains-to-Sea Trail blazes are white circles and may appear with HRT blazes.

If you are in need of emergency assistance, dial 911 and report the four digit code on the nearest trail blaze to the operator.